The subject of Arthur is usually touchy but even more so right now due to the events that took place both Christmas and New Years. After Arthur spent Thanksgiving with Eames they decided to spend Christmas together, and like a fool (at least how Eames feels) he proposed to Arthur. He said no. But he didn’t leave, and neither did Eames. Maybe he thought he was joking…

So they went to New York together, on a job, but also for New Years, and as the ball dropped Eames proposed again, this time with a ring. Again, Arthur said no.

And Eames left.

three years ago in barcelona, arthur and eames woke up naked next to each other with no memory of the night before. 

they both decided to not mention it again.

(more like arthur decided and eames didn’t protest.)

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the secret is basically:

arthur will always say yes to eames.

that’s it.

don’t tell eames though.

it’s a secret.

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arthur isn’t a nice person, he can be selfish and idiotic and vain and rude and downright cruel, but he’s inherently a good person. he’d never let a friend suffer if he could take their place and he’d die so a friend wouldn’t have to. he keeps this side of him tucked away, viewing his morality as a vulnerability— and the last night he showed even a hint of vulnerability, arthur got hurt. 


but that’s a story for a different time.

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Headcanon: Q and Neal are Arthur and Eame’s kids



what if both Q and Neal are Arthur and Eames’ children??

Come on, the two’s taste in suits (and men) and their badass-ness obviously are influenced by their parents wwww

I can totally imagine that happening. 

Will someone write me some fics about it? 

headcanon: i’m thinking arthur has a small tattoo that no one, not even cobb knows about. it’s sort of a back up plan— if his totem somehow fails him, he checks whether or not he has his tattoo. if he does, he’s in the real world. if he doesn’t, he’s dreaming.

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headcanon: arthur wants to be in a serious relationship. he wants to be in a long, serious relationship— he wants to get married one day.

yet, he only allows himself one night stands, knowing he’ll never see that person again, because that’s all he feels he deserves, because his job is too dangerous, because arthur isn’t a good person.

and the real reason (but yes, keeping up with professionalism does factor into a minor reason) he hasn’t initiated anything with eames is because he knows eames doesn’t do serious relationships, or rather, he doesn’t do them well. because he knows what attractive feels like and he knows what love feels like— he knows what he feels for eames. he’s stupid. the thing is, arthur doesn’t want a one night stand with eames. he doesn’t want just one night. but that’s all he thinks he’ll get if he initiates something with him and if arthur can only have one night with eames he’d rather not have anything at all.

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headcanon: when arthur was younger, after he had run away from his family but before he had gotten involved in the dream-sharing business, arthur had been involved in the pornography business— something he doesn’t hide from his co-workers per say, but doesn’t share with them.

he’s not ashamed of his past. it was a rough time in his life and he did what he had to do. saying that, he does think it would be unprofessional if his co-workers found out. 

no one knows about this, except perhaps cobb. 

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headcanon: arthur mostly argues for the sake of arguing. 

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